All about sam

In this all about me i have picked a few of the things i like, starting off with roses i have always liked them. To me roses are very pretty and smell very nice, next we have the bunny i love bunnies and always have they make me smile and i used to have one as a kid. the mushroom is for when i was younger i used to go out and pick some mushrooms, i also added my pride flags to this because not enough people know about what i go by my name is Sam and I’m trans i like men there for I’m MLM. The heart lock is for being taken by my boyfriend, and the little glass next to it is my father he passed away march 1st 2021. I added my fav foods and snacks like chips, raspberry’s and  sushi, i like to drink Boba and slushy’s on my free  time. hot topic is where i mostly shop for outfits, i drink monsters almost everyday they are just that good i guess, i added all these stuffed animals because they are my fav, i also really like motorcycle’s and horror movies.